Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Dust, debris, bird droppings and other grime that obstructs a solar panel’s ability to absorb UV rays can reduce the efficiency of solar panels. You have made an expensive investment in your solar system and it only makes sense to make sure the panels continue to function at the highest rate of efficiency.

  • Rain is not enough to wash away accumulated grime
  • Using a hose to rinse away dust and grime doesn’t do the job
  • Not cleaning solar panels at all may void the warranty
  • Not using the correct equipment and cleaning solutions may damage the panels
  • Damaging the panels may void the warranty
  • Cleaning the solar panels by yourself can be a safety hazard
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Industry estimates are that performance is reduced between 20 to 50-percent when dust and grime block UV rays. When UV rays are blocked the electrons in the panels are not activated to their maximum and not enough energy is produced.

Lance’s professional Solar Panel Cleaning Service has all of the proper equipment and cleaning solutions to remove dust and grime and help keep your solar panels working at top efficiency.

Whether the solar panels are mounted on a roof or post-mounted, getting to them requires ladders and cleaning equipment that allows them to be thoroughly cleaned without causing damage. Walking on panels, using harsh brushes, rags or cleaning solutions is going to cause damage that reduces performance and voids your warranty.

Rely on Lance’s Solar Panel Cleaning Service to make sure your panels are clean, using:

  • All of the proper equipment to clean without damaging or scratching the panels
  • Using the appropriate cleaning solutions that are properly formulated to avoid harsh chemical damage
  • Cleaning processes that thoroughly clean the panels and remove any grit and debris from edges and frames
  • Clean-up at the end of the job so no mess is left behind
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Regularly scheduled cleaning maintains the performance of your solar panels. Schedule cleaning according to the manufacturer’s directions or, generally, at least twice a year. Other times to clean solar panels include:

  • When you notice a decline in performance
  • After a fire to remove ash from the surface of the panels
  • After heavy winds that leave a layer of dust
  • In the spring after winter rains are over to remove any storm residue
  • In the late fall to remove built-up dust and grime

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